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Got room for a Couple of Felines?

We have two cats in our house, which we got when they were kittens. I have been allergic to cats for my entire life, and my daughter is also allergic, but when we found Blackjack (our black domestic shorthair) abandoned as a young kitten I discovered that I could literally rub him on my eyes and have no effect. He was in pretty bad shape physically, but we nursed him back to health over about a month's time.

Unfortunately, we have since discovered that as the cats matured, our allergies increased. I don't know if it was being around the cats or that the cats physiology changed as they got older (I suspect the latter), but now both Cristi and I can't be around them for any length of time without some serious allergic reactions.

So, we are looking to find a good home for two cats.

The cats have been around children, and have no problems with them provided the kids are taught to respect their "cathood". They are about 3 1/2 years old; both have been neutered. If you are interested in adopting them, please drop me an email to the webmaster at! We are trying to place them together, since they have been companions since kittenhood. We will make sure they are up on shots, checkups, & etc before we let them go. They have been indoor cats for their entire time with us.

Blackjack (Jack)
Goldust (Dusty)
This is one vivacious cat! Jack is almost pure black, with some while hairs thrown in to make his fur interesting. He has a typical cat attitude and is very friendly - but he does his own thing as well. Quite a personality! We got Dusty when Jack was about 4 months old as a companion cat. His fur reminded us of Goldust, and the name stuck. Dusty was tossed over a fence as a kitten, and he is a skittish cat as a result. However, once you allow him to get to know you, he will come up and let you pet him for as long as you want - not typical cat behavior at all! Just don't try and pick him up - I think it brings up bad memories!


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