The Green's House

Mission 1

September 5, 1942  Chelveston, England

This is the day we've been looking forward to -- our first raid. We went on the alert yesterday and were called out this morning at 3:45 A.M to be briefed for our first raid.

    The target was a marshling yard at Rouen, France.     We took off at 8:30 A.M. climbed to 25,000 feet and joined another group, the 97th. There were 36 B17's in the formation escorted by 60 Spitfires.    We were over the target at exactly 10:35 A.M., dropped our bombs and came home with out a single bomber lost. Its a beautiful sight to watch four 1,000 lb. bombs fall out of 34 planes. Two planes had to turn back because of engine trouble -- one was our squadron commander, Major Quick.    Every bombardier claims a direct hit so the destruction must have been complete.    We landed back here at 11:45 A.M. and were served Rum and Coffee, had interrogation, then news that we were through for the day.    I had the same queer feeling I used to have before going into a ball game, but just as soon as we started our motors it left and everything was O.K.    Not a single enemy fighter came at us and not a burst of flack was fired from the ground.    It is believed that our fighters did a little mixing with F.W. 190's over the target area.    That's all for No. 1.

Wednesday, November 18, 1942  Chelveston

   We were honored last night with the presence of four Hollywood stars: Fay Francis, Carole Landis, Martha Ray, and a new actress, Mitzy Mayfair, a pretty little dancing trick. They entertained us for an hour and a half in our new theater and was very good. Martha and Mitzy were the high lights with Kay as mistress of Ceremonies with Carole singing and leading the audience in song.    After the show, they came to the club and a good time was had by all. For a long time the signing of short snorter bills was the mains source of entertainment. Of course the bar was doing good business all this time too. I always thought of stars being snooty and hard to understand and talk to but I was entirely wrong because they are everything but that. They are just like all the rest of the fairer sex, like lots of attention and petting. Take it from me they are built just like any other girl -- I know. Kay and Martha didn't like it so much but Carole and Mitzy didn't seem to mind as long as you were half careful, in fact, they seemed to enjoy it a little. Wonder how far one could have gotten out under the beautiful moon looking down at the stars.

November 22, 1942

   Some other place in England -- way down South -- but not of Carolina.    Left Chelveston this morning at 10:30 and arrived here at 12:30, had dinner, cleaned up, and stayed in the briefing room the biggest part of the afternoon getting the low down on our trip tommorrow. This is strictly an English station with plenty of W.A.A.F.'s roaming around but darn it we are confined to the barracks and can't do anything about it. To make it worse, this is probably the last time we will get a chance to look at a white woman.    See you in Africa.

November 23, 1942 Baurenmouth, England 

   Another day at Hurn Field. We were up at 4:45 to get ready to take off for Oran Africa by 8:15. Took off before sun up and had to turn around and come back after about 15 minutes because the oil dilution valve stuck open on #3 engine, so we fooled around in general all day and Thomas and I got a hair cut. We both got it all cut off with the exception of about an inch. I'm glad we did too, because it will probably be a long time before we get another one. Time to hit the hay because the Colonel said we will have to be by our lonesome tomorrow, so that calls for another early rise.

November 25, 1942    Tafaroui, Africa -- just South of Oran about 12 miles

    Arrived here last night at 4:45½ -- left Hurn Field at 8:00 A.M. Had a wonderful trip down, we came the water route just off the caost of France Spain and Portugal, through the Strait of Gilbralter and along the northern coast of Africa. When we landed it was almost dark and by the time we were settled it was. Not knowing where we were or where to go, we started walking through mud knee deep (it had just rained a flood in the afternoon) in search of something to eat and a place to sleep. After walking for miles with no success whatsoever, we finally went back to the plane to sleep, all eleven of us. Boy, what a night after being in the air all day. Dam little sleeping I did using luggage for a bed.

November 26, 1942    Tafaroui, Africa

    I thought I was tired last night but I was wrong because I'm absolutely dead tonight. We got up this morning ready to pump 1800 gallons of gasoline in our plane by hand from 50 gallon drums, and brother that was a job I'll never forget. This afternoon we found a place to sleep with eight other boys that came the day before in a 20' by 20' room; with the floor as a bed and only five blankets to sleep on and under.    Saw my first Arab today, nobody knows were they live or came from but they are on the field early in the morning with tangerines and eggs to sell and trade. They would rather have cloth, preferably white, money doesn't mean anything to them. They have a mule, a specie of a donkey, but about half as big.    They are filthy and disgusting. One enlisted man traded a mattress cover for 15 eggs this morning and a basket of tangerenes.

November 27, 1942    Tafaroui Africa

    Fooled around out at the plane all morning getting it cleaned up and ready to go. This afternoon we loaded it with bombs and brother that is a job. It is a good mile and a half out to the plane from here and every inch of it is mud all the way. I made the trip twice so I'm dragging my tracks out again tonight. I was wondering how I was going to sleep tonight on the damn floor, but that problem is solved now.    I've kept looking for a change in food for the last two days, but it is still hash or stew three times a day and it is really hard to swallow for breakfast.    We are on American money basis again now but it wouldn't be worth a continental in the states because it has a yellow seal in place of the blue one.

    It makes you feel like you have money anyway. The silver is the same. The P.X. opened up today and we got our candy and cigarette rations. Didn't care so much for the cigarettes but the candy was delicious.

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