The Green's House

Mission 41

May 13, 1943

    Another big show today and we blew the hell out of Cagllari and I don't mean maybe. All four groups went over first then two groups of mediums followed us over with an escort of 96 P-38's. It was a perfect day.    A few fighters came in but they didn't hang around very long, otherwise, it wasn't very tough only a few bursts of flak were seen.

May 17, 1943

    The Group surprised us with a four-day vacation Friday for some unknown reason. We thought we were gonna have to hang around the whole four days until late Friday afternoon when Col Gormely gave us permission to take a plane to Algiers. So the 419th took off and had one hell of a big time. We just got back and I'm feeling like a million dollars after getting a lot out of my system and being in civilization for a few days.    I saw two good pictures, "Eagle Squadron" and "Yankee Doodle Dandy" also a French stage show last night that would have been good if I could have understood it. I caught the drift of it by their movements and motions though.

    I'm ready to go back to work again now.

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