The Green's House

Mission 34

April 12, 1943    Boy this has been a long day. We were awakened this morning at 3:30, had breakfast at 4, briefed at 5 and off the ground at 6 to bomb a convoy off the coast of Tunis.

    I'd like to have the son-of-a-gun by the nap of the neck that planned the route. We can't find out but whoever it was he sure had his head way up. He put us right between the two most heavily defended cities in North Africa, Bizerte and Tunis at 15,000 feet, and they threw up everything but the kitchen sink. A navigator in another squadron got a piece of flak through the neck and was killed instantly. For the first time I saw 20 MM cannon shells bursting from every enemy fighter. Besides all that we missed the target completely. Spent the rest of the day sleeping, playing volleyball, and just got back from a show.

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