The Green's House

Mission 16

December 31, 1942    Biskra, Africa

    Briefed at 10:30, took off at 11:15 and over the target (Sfax) at 13:15. It was a perfect day for bombing but the mission was a failure before we left and none of the bombs went where they were supposed to. No enemy fighters were encountered and no flak was seen. The next time we go over there, they will probably throw up the kitchen sink.

January 1, 1943

    The new year really floated in last night. Where the liquor came from is a military secret to everyone but the C.O. but it was passed out and that's all that matters.    The usual things happened today, 97th went out, we stayed on the ground and tomorrow we go out and they stay here.     Had a decent meal out at the field at lunch and to top it all off turkey at the hotel tonight.

    Stayed out in the sun all afternoon and played knock poker.

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