The Green's House

Mission 49

June 5, 1943

    Boy, I really sweated this one out. It was Bridges last one and I had to go with him as co-pilot.    Our target was a big warship at La Spezia, Italy, now it is like a sub.    All four groups went on the same docks and was it a mess when we left but boy, what a rat race over the target. We were all supposed to have used the same I. P. but there were planes making run's from every angle. Some even made individual run's.    The mission wasn't so tough -- just a hell of a lot of "flak" but inaccurate. It might be called a "little Palermo."    It took 7:45 to make the trip.

June 7, 1943

    Fred, Richardson, Stelley, Maynard and my self spent the day in Setif. We were supposed to have had a private picnic of five couples but it turned out to be a reunion so it was a mess from the word go.

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