The Green's House

Mission 11 and 12

December 17, 1942    Biskra, Africa    Left Tafaroui yesterday at 12 P.M. and arrived here at 3 P.M. We are right in the edge of the Sahara Desert. We landed, loaded up with 5 one thousand pounders and filled up with gas from five gallon cans. Then we proceeded to find our quarters and some food. All the officers stay in three hotels, such as they are. There is from two to six in each room with only two beds to each room and since we were the last ones to arrive most of us have to sleep on the floor. It didn't make any difference though as tired as I was.    Our food is a mixture of French, English, and Army rations and damn poor too. So far we've had nothing but wine, hard tack, goat meat, and tangerines.

No. V

Up this morning at 5:00, breakfast at 6:00, briefing at 7:00, stations at 7:45 and take off at 8:00. Over the target, Tunis, at 10:03. Today is the first time I ever did really shake without being the least bit cold. We led the group and saw plenty of action. Flak was bursting all around up and after the run fighters began coming in. One time there was a fighter way out and up to our left and every one in the formation I think was shooting at him. I happened to glance toward the sun to our left and there was a FW 190 sitting up there ready to come in. I yelled over the radio that he was coming in and about that time I saw him rock his wing's and knew that he was on his way. He came straight for us and I saw his guns blazing and saw Thomas duck. He missed us and hit the #3 man in our element in the right wing with a 20 MM cannon. That was Harmon (his dad died Dec 9th and the got the word today at noon).    Arrived back at the field at 12 P.M. had chow, then loaded up again. Cleaned my gun and took it easy for a while.    I'm a tired Indian and those blankets are really gonna feel good.

    I saw my first real camels today roaming around on the field.

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