The Green's House

Mission 29

March 22, 1943

    Briefed at 11:30, off at 12:10, left the field at 12:40, over the target, Palermo and Sicily, at 3:45. Our target was dock and shipping yards and the job was well done. We hit something, most likely an ammunition dump, that caused such an explosion that we felt it at 24,500 feet.     Before we left the target area smoke was already about 15,000 feet. The minute the explosion occurred all the anti-aircraft guns stopped firing and didn't start again until we were far away from the target area.    I led the second element of the lead squadron with Thomas as my co-pilot.    All that is good, but we also had a loss. Jimmy Hare was shot down and exploded in mid-air. Five chutes were seen to open.    Boy, am I tired??

March 23, 1943

    The pictures of yesterday's raid just came in and there is absolutely nothing left of the harbor. There was at least six boats and they were all sunk or badly damaged because there were hits on or close to all of them.

    This was our day off, so I haven't done anything, just fool around the plane a little this afternoon.

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