The Green's House

Mission 31

April 4, 1943    We knew last night that a good one was scheduled for today, but we had no idea that it was gonna be what it was.    Briefed at 8:30, off the ground at 10:00 and left the field at 10:30 leading the 99th and the 97th. The 419th led again with Colonel Quick, I led the second element.

    Our target was an airdrome at Naples, the other two groups bombed docks and shipping. We didn't have any opposition except a hell of a lot of flak. All ships returned safely. Over the target at 14:15 and back home at 17:30. We were at altitude only about 1 hour and 45 minutes the whole time. The rest of the time we were right down on the deck of the beautiful blue Mediterranean to keep the enemy's radar from picking us up.

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