The Green's House

Mission 50

June 8, 1943

    This is the day I've been waiting a long time for.     Our target today was the Island of Pantelleria, just off the tip of Cape Bone.    It was the easiest mission I've been on in a long time and brother it was my last one in the North African Theater of Operations.    I still can't believe it's true but my orders are already here. Leaving for Algiers tomorrow.    Bridges and I are the first pilots off combat from the 301st Group and the first to leave.

June 9, 1943

    Thomas and Pete brought us to Algiers this afternoon and it was kinda late to do any operating. I've been so d-- mad all afternoon I can't think. We went to town to try to get a place to stay and the billeting officer told us that we would have to sleep in tents for transport officers at the field. These d-- feather merchants really have things sowed up in these cities, so here I am still sleeping on a cot after doing it for six months.

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