The Green's House

Mission 14

December 23, 1942    Biskra, Africa

    Awaked this morning at 5:30 by an air raid alarm. Had breakfast at 6:00, went out to the field at 7:30 for a briefing at 9:00 and found out that a JU 88 had dropped three fragmentation bombs on the airdrome and did a little damage to three or four B17's.    Took off at 9:30 and flew formation at 25,000 on instruments.    Didn't see any of the three targets and started home, flying instruments practically all the way. We missed our field and stayed lost an hour and a half. During our wandering we had to feather #3 engine.    The Good Lord like to have changed his mind late today. As we were coming into land we hit a prop wash that almost slow rolled us about 100 feet off the ground. It took everything Thomas and I had to keep it from going in and to get it straight again. I don't know what we used besides brute strength, a little thinking and teamwork, but whatever it was, it saved the lives of ten men.    I am convinced that you don't worry about crashing when you know you are about to. That is as close as I ever want to come.

December 24, 1942

    Biskra, Africa    Routine -- The drunks are really celebrating tonight.

December 25, 1942

    Biskra, Africa    A wonderful way to spend Christmas. We did have turkey for dinner tonight. It wasn't so bad after all because I found seven letters under my door tonight. Spent the last two hours taking 45's away from drunks and putting them to bed. Had our second air raid alert this morning. One German plane came over.

December 27, 1942       


December 28, 1942

    Routine. Watched three P38's put on a good show at 30,000 feet at noon looking for a JU 88 that was around.

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