The Green's House

Mission 21

February 9, 1943

    Another long tiresome raid. Briefed at 10 o'clock off at 11:40. Picked up the 97th at Biskra and proceeded to the target -- an airport at Sousse. Another co-pilot and I had a ship today, flew on the Colonels right wing. We were loaded with fragmentation bombs again and the bombardiers say they really plastered it.    We didn't get but very little fighter opposition. Two of three started in but they changed their minds and dived away and I can say that I don't blame them. There was some flak but inaccurate.    Gen Doolittle was along today.

February 10, 1943

    Haven't been out of my tent today except long enough to eat and go take a bath. It has been raining and cold all day.    About six o'clock, it started snowing and the ground was covered in no time. Naturally all the officers got out of their holes and had a snowball fight. Pretty rough too for a while. It's still snowing, guess we will have to shovel our way out in the morning.

February 11, 1943

    It didn't let up all day, snow a while, rain a while, sleet a while, then all three at once. I borrowed the Captain's Jeep to go wood hunting and like to have frozen and is still going strong.    Couldn't even stay outside long enough to eat, so we had to go get our meals and run back to our tents to eat.

February 12, 1943

    Oh Brother, what a night. Kuncel and I awoke this morning to find our "nice little home" three inches in water. Luckily I had a cot but Frank didn't, his bedroll was water proof to a certain extent and that saved him.    Everything he and I have got soaking wet, clothes and all. We spent the morning hanging our things out to dry.    This afternoon, I was determined not to have just shelter halves for a cover so I out-right stole a wing cover and he and I both worked like slaves building a frame for it.    We didn't dig down either.

February 13, 1943

    Worked all day covering up that d-- hole and fixing up our new home and it is much better than the old one and more room, too.    Frank had to go to the hospital today because of the previous night.    I built a stove this afternoon and if I can ever start the smoke going out instead of in, I'm gonna get a patent on it. The ideas is original and if it wasn't for the smoke problem it would be wonderful.

February 14, 1943

    More or less took it easy today except for a little piddling around. Played a little baseball and went to the show tonight, "Argentine Nights." The third one we've had here.    The field is so muddy that they don't dare to move the planes, even had to take the bombs out to keep them from sinking. No telling when it will be dry enough to take off.

February 15, 1942

    Pete came up and gave us 30 minutes to get everything ready to take off on verbal orders and to report to operations at Telegrma, a field about 12 miles from this field.    Thomas was up flying so McConnell took his place as pilot.    After reporting we were told to stand by and be ready to take off at 10 the next morning to ferry some big shots, we don't know who.

February 16, 1943

    We were bright and early and about nine o'clock, we went out to the plane to find out that #3 wouldn't start -- so we said this is it. We got busy and changed the plugs hoping that our party would be late. Well, they were but the plug change didn't do any good.    About 12:30 General Marshall and General Eisenhower drove up to base operations with their aides. Thank God we weren't there to break the news to them but the operations office instead.    They got in their cars and went back to Constantine.    We tried to start it all afternoon, but so soap, so another night away from home.

February 17, 1943

    We called headquarters the afternoon before and asked for some mechanics to come over and fix the darn thing. They came over early this morning and finally got it started after putting on a new booster coil and draining water out of the carburetor.    Just before we took off, we saw a B-26 spin in about 5 miles from the field. The explosion rocked the countryside.

February 18, 1943

    When I took off #2 supercharger went out completely and it caused me to take off at an angle.    After landing, I proceeded to take to our parking area dodging mud holes. Got within 10 yards and the left wheel almost went out of sight. So I got out and left it there.

February 20, 1943

    Gave a farewell party for Colonel Walker last night, he is going to Bomber Command at Algiers much to our regret.

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