The Green's House

Mission 24

March 10, 1943

    Briefed at 9 o'clock this morning for a raid on Sardinia but it was postponed because of weather.    At 12:30 we were briefed again to bomb an airport near Tunis. We coordinated with the 97th. They had 40 planes and we had 36 in the air. That's a lot of B-17's if you ask me and all loaded with frag bombs.    They bombed one drome and we bombed another.    There was some flak but it was far away. There were a number of fighters up but a very few of them came in.    I was co-pilot to Capt. Bruce Edmonds today.

March 11, 1943

    Worked like hell all day building a door and table in our tent.    But, today was the one I've been waiting for. All the second Lts. made 1st Lt. except two or three. The co-pilots wore gold for exactly 9 months and 19 days and brother that is a long time considering everything.

    Our promotions were effective March 2.

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