The Green's House

Mission 45

May 24, 1943    Briefed at 10:50, off at 12:00 for docks and shipping at Terranaua. It's on the North-East end of Sardinia. All four groups were on the same target so it should have been well plastered.    There wasn't any trouble except for a little inaccurate flak, but still I'm tired as usual whether it's tough or not. It took five hours and 50 minutes to make the trip.    Just got back from the rottenest show we've ever had.    The days sure are long now and the nights are twice as short. The time changed again and we lose and hour's sleep in the morning it doesn't get dark until 9:30 so there isn't much time left for sleep.

May 25, 1943

    Just got back from Constantine. Doc London, Hart, Kuncel, Bridges, McPherson, and myself went up this afternoon just to have something to do and to keep from letting a perfect Easter Sunday go by without doing something.

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