The Green's House

Mission 40

May 11, 1943

    Another rough one chalked up and I really mean that. Our target was a town on the West Coast of Sicily and it was well covered.    Thomas and I were leading the squadron but we had to let our #2 man take the lead just before we turned on to our I. P. because our bomb sight went out. When we finally got reorganized the rest of the group were miles away so we were left out there like clay pigeons for the fighters and they really gave us hell. Hart got his #4 engine knocked out and had to feather it on the run and boy, that's bad.    My nerves are really shot tonight.

May 12, 1943

    I took Hart to Laseni to see his brother today. Even though it was a holiday, I was in the air five hours but it wasn't like going on a mission. Hart has eight days off to spend with his bud, the lucky dog.

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