The Green's House

Mission 36

April 20,1943    I hadn't no more than gotten home and McLean had my name on the battle order for today.  We were up at 5:30 and off at 7:30 to bomb an airdrome at Tunis. It was a pretty easy mission, but we would have caught h-- if we hadn't had an escort of "Spits". The sky was black with them.    At 1:30 we were briefed again to bomb a ship in the Tunis harbor. Well, we started taxiing out with a 20 mile a hour cross wind and were almost to the runway when our left brake went out and caused us to ground loop into a pile of gas drums. No damage was done but it made us feel bad at the time but not afterwards because the others ran into ice conditions and had to turn back.

    I was co-pilot to Crowell on the first one and McConnel on the second.

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