The Green's House

Mission 27

March 16, 1942    There is nothing more disgusting that a fifteen minute notice before briefing especially right at lunch time. We ate, were briefed and in the air in just an hour. Took off at 1 o'clock to patrol the Mediterranean for convoys. We had six turning points and on the third turn there was a convoy of six ships so we opened up on them and sank three and got near misses on two others. The smoke from one tanker came almost to our level which was twelve thousand feet so it must have been a big one.    The convoy was about 20 miles off the coast of Tunis an it took 5 hours to make the trip.

March 17, 1943

    Another bad day and nothing to do but play cheap poker.

March 20, 1943

    Been standing by all day for a mission, but it never did come through so another day wasted.

    We finally got an airplane today. It came from the 97th and it already has over 30 raids on it. Since Thomas is pilot on 82, I have a good chance of getting it for myself and my old crew.

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